P.G Urdu (2nd Year)

Among all Indian states, Jammu and Kashmir have the distinction of having Urdu as the official language. This language has been credited as Lingua Franca in the state among the different regional entities and meets the requirement of people at academic, social and cultural level. Urdu is the representative language of South Asian countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, besides some Gulf countries.

Hence, the teaching of Urdu language and literature has been one of the important aspects of higher learning in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Teaching and learning of Urdu language at higher level meet the requirement of human resource in the field of mass media (print and electronic), education (primary to college level) and other departments of state and central government. This Directorate in view of huge public demand is offering Master’s program in Urdu.The University of Kashmir has adopted Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic year 2016. In view of the colourful choice of subjects available to the learners, this Directorate shall also switch over to this scheme in the larger interest of the student community. Thus, the learners of M.A. Urdu can be able to study the literature of other languages like Arabic, Kashmir, English, Persian, Hindi, Sanskrit, from the allied category. Whereas a wide range of subjects cab is studied from an open elective category, ranging from computer sciences, biotechnology, social sciences to biological, material and physical sciences. In this way, the students of Urdu literature can be able to have a considerable knowing about other branches of knowledge. The present day academic requirements can be meeting out by this interdisciplinary approach to learning.

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