Diploma in Consumer Laws and Practice

Consumer considerations and their protection are very old concepts, but in the last decade there has been a significant development in this branch of law. Globalization of trade, market-dominated economy, information revolution and emergence of e-commerce has further enhanced this process.

A greater importance has been assigned to consumer law at global basis. All these factors have increased more scope for teaching, training, research and advocacy for creating a consumer friendly regulatory framework. The Legal Framework for consumer protection and regulation has also undergone a substantial change to comply with the international norms.The subject has received tremendous importance among the contemporary legal fraternity in India. The legal experts are emphasizing on the need for teaching consumer law very seriously to present generation law students, employed and unemployed professional, civil society members, businessmen as well as consumers for making them equipped to handle issues relating to this branch of law. In this background the present course will aim to introduce the aspirants of the course to the existing law and practice relating to consumer protection. Objectives 1. Students will have a comprehensive understanding about the existing laws on consumer protection in India. 2. Students will be conversant with major international instruments on consumer protection 3. Students will be aware of the basic procedures for handling consumer disputes and complaints. 4. Students will be able to appreciate the emerging questions and policy issues in consumer law for future research.

Dr. Aneeda Jan

Assistant Professor

  • aneedajan@kashmiruniversity.ac.in

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