Post Graduate Diploma In Cyber Law (Discontinued from year 2021 and onwards)

In view of the change of socio-economic structure of the country, there has been growing desire among the people belonging to different walks of life to know more and more about special branches of law and therefore, there is a great demand for specialization in different fields.

Moreover, specialisation makes a person perfect in the field opening up a wide horizon of job and employment opportunities. Last part of the 20th Century witnessed the growth of a new type of commerce popularly called as “E-commerce”. The businessmen in India, like other parts of the globe, executed transactions electronically much before the enactment of any legislation on the subject. The flexibility, speed and efficiency of this new technology “digital technology” has made it the most important vehicle for executing all types of business and official transactions. This newfound medium has impacted upon different branches of law. Most of the laws in India were enacted keeping in view tangible documents. This technology is paperless as well as borderless, so the present laws are not flexible to encompass this new technology. The importance of this new technology necessitated enactment of new laws, which cover many facets of E-commerce, Cyber Crimes, Digital Signatures, Copyright, Domain Names and Regulatory Appellate Tribunals. The laws governing “Digital Technology” are recent in origin and therefore are not studied in traditional legal education. Keeping in view importance of this technology and the non-availability of courses on this subject in the law institutions of our state, it will be highly beneficial for the students especially to budding lawyers, IT professionals, employees working in various Government Departments / Public/ Private Sector undertakings and for other students who want to build their career in this field. In view of the above facts, the Directorate of Distance Education launched the P.G. Diploma in Cyber Law

Dr. Aneeda Jan

Assistant Professor


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