Post Graduate Diploma In Web Designing (Discontinued from year 2021 and onwards)

The increasing demand of the Internet usage and growing desire among the people to know more and more about Internet and Web Technology has led to a great demand for specialisation in this field.

The manpower with specialised knowledge and training in this particular branch has opened up a wide horizon of employment opportunities for them. To meet the growing demand for trained youth in coming years in the field of Information Technology, the Directorate of Distance Education launched Post Graduate Diploma in Web Designing.The World Web Web (WWW) is a vast and ever-expanding collection of online documents and information distributed over the Internet. The Internet and Web Technology is an increasingly vital resource in many aspects of life: education, employment, government, commerce, healthcare, recreation and more. The tremendous progress of the internet set the ground for the rapid development of distance learning on the Web, as a result of which, many universities throughout the world are developing courses in this new medium. Web courses fulfil a rapidly growing demand for distance learning because of their greater accessibility and flexibility; there is an ongoing competition between the training institutions for developing Web sites and courses in order to maintain or augment their share of the market, both locally and internationally. The Web Design course is very comprehensively detailed ICT enabled course that focuses on how to plan, organise and create a website and web-based programmes. This course will fully cater to the needs of students including IT professionals, employees working in various public and private sector who want to build their career in growing field of IT.

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