CIQA Report 2020-21

CIQA Report 2021-22



Best Practices

Letter regarding Students Feedback / Teacher evaluation 2020-2021

UGC P.G recognition 2021

Front Page of SLM-Sample 

Learning Outcome



Response Sheet / Feedback Form / Questionnaire

UGC awareness CIQA 

CIQA Meeting

PRR Screening Committee order

Inspection of Study Centres 2020


Appointment order of Director

Requirements as per Centre for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) functioning (Part - II 2.1)

CIQA Committee Minutes (Part - II 2.1.3)

Board of studies Letter (Part - II 2.1.14)

Board of Studies order (Part II 2.1.14)

Annual Alumni Meet 2022, Organized by Directorate of Distance Education, University of Kashmir.

The establishing Act (Part VII - 2)

Copies  of  the  letters  of  recognition (Part VII - 3)

Programme details including brochures (Part VII - 4)

Programme wise Syllabus Information (Part VII - 5.1)

Course structure with credits for P.G for batch 2022 and onwards (Part VII - 5.2)

Faculty Information (Part VII - 5.5)

Important Date sheets and schedules (Part VII - 6.1)

Notification regarding admission, registration etc.(Part VII - 6.2)

End semester/year Results (Part VII - 6.3)

Information regarding all the Programmes recognized by the Commission (Part VII - 8)

Information regarding Self Learning Material (Part VII - 10)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Part VII - 11)

List of Learner Support  Centres (Part VII -12)

Academic Calendar related Information (Part VII - 15)


Appointment of Assistant Registrar_2020

Appointment of Assistant Registrar_2021

Appointment of Assistant Registrar_2021.1

Appointment of Assistant Registrar 2021.2

Appointment of Section Officer_2020

Appointment of Section Officer 2021

Appointment of Deputy Registrar

Appointment of Faculty_1

Appointment of FAculty_2

Appointment of Faculty_3

Appointment of Faculty_4

Appointment of Faculty_5

Appointment of Faculty_6

Appointment of Faculty_7

Appointment of Faculty_8

Appointment of Faculty_9

Appointment of Faculty_10

Appointment of Faculty_11

Appointment of Assistant_1(SG)

Appointment of Assistant_2(AP)

Appointment of Sr. P.A

Appointment of Assistant Programmers_2020

Appointment of Assistant_3

Appointment of Assistant_4

Appointment of Assistant_5

Appointment of Assistant_6

Appointment of Assistant_7

Appointment of Assistant_8

Appointment of Assistant_9 (Xerox Operator)

Appointment of Assistant_10 (Xerox Operator)

Appointment of Assistant_11

Appointment of Assistant_12

Appointment of Assistants_13

Appointment of Assistant_14

Appointment of Assistant_15

Appointment of Assistant_16

Appointment of Assistant_17

Appointment of Assistant_18

Appointment of Assistant_19

Appointment of Assistant_20

Appointment of Assistant_21

Appointment of Assistant_22

Appointment of Assistant_23

Appointment of Assistant_24

Appointment of Assistant_25

Appointment of Assistant_26

Appointment of Assistant_27

Appointment of Assistant_28

Appointment of Assistant_29

Appointment of Assistant_30

Compliance Status as per Annexure VI of UGC ODL and online programmes Regulations 2020

Compliance Status on Preparation of Self Learning Material as per Annexure VII of UGC ODL and online programmes 2020

Compliance Status on Programme Project Report (PPR) as per Annexure V of UGC ODL Regulation 2020

Compliance Status of Infrastructural Requirements 2020





Details of Programme-wise conferred

Statistical Details of Post Graduate Diplomas conferred

Establishment of Control Room

Compliance status of ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Certification’ – As per Regulations 15 and 16 of UGC (ODL Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020

Joining reports

Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Dar

Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Bhat

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Khanday

Dr. Showkat Rashid wani

Dr. Javiad Iqbal

Dr. khalid Ahmad Chesti

Dr. Riyaz Ahmaad Kumar

Dr. Irfan Malik

Dr. Syed Ishfaq Ahmad Shah

Kh. Mohmad Shafi